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Chalk It Up

"No masterpiece was ever created by a lazy artist." -Salvador Dali


The word perfectly describes the process applied by designers Josh Luna & Alisha Noles in re-designing and re-making the menu board for the Silk Espresso cafe.

Let me take you through their work…

First they took detailed measurements of the wall they’d soon be painting with chalkboard paint. They then created an elevation in the wall using Autocad, which included all the measured elements.

Having made careful revisions, the final design was printed on a large format printer in black & white. They set this aside for later, and, along with a few helpful friends, painted the wall with three coats of chalkboard paint. The paint dried for 48 hours before any graphics were transferred.

They applied graphite (2B works best!) to the back side of the to-scale print, taking care to get good, thick layers for a clean transfer onto the wall. Once finished, the prints were taped to the wall exactly where the graphics were to go.

Using very hard (4H) pencils, they meticulously traced every letter and line of the whole design. This took a good while, but once finished and the prints were removed, it was exciting to preview their work finished.

Everything was re-traced over in chalkboard marker (Chalk-Ink brand is the best and has a wide array of colors) and left to dry for two hours. Once dry, traditional white chalk was rubbed over the entire wall to add a textural finish.

It’s probably best to simply visit the location for yourself, enjoy a cup of their new Stumptown roast, and witness the work of art for yourself. Because it is, truly, a work of art.

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Press Play: Pre-Mix

Songs characterize seasons —- Press Play and the mood shifts into one appropriate to the weather, the scene, the setting.

Portland is fortunate in it’s proximity to other environments, with the Painted Hills just to the east and the Oregon Coast not two hours to the west.

A cultural melting pot of things past, present, and future, it’s also a hub for used record stores. Prime places to lose yourself for a few hours.

Below are a mix of old classics and new favorites; for that neon-lit night out on the town, a day spent road tripping somewhere new, or a crisp morning spent with good coffee and great company.

They’re the songs we love to love this summer.

  1. Sunshine - Matt Costna
  2. Lost in the World - Kanye West
  3. Drops of Jupiter - Train
  4. Daylight - Matt & Kim
  5. Something to Believe In - Newsies Original Broadway Cast Recording
  6. Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl) - Looking Glass
  7. Good Time - Owl City
  8. National Anthem - Lana Del Rey
  9. Too Close - Alex Clare
  10. Scarlett (Tokyo) - William Beckett
  11. Swells - Jonquil
  12. Right In - Skrillex

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Google Keeps it Fresh

As a search engine, nothing beats Google. And for something we use so often, it’s a wonder we still haven’t mentally stopped looking at their logo as we search for something else.

It’s part of what keeps us coming back: wondering whether a new design commemorating a holiday, event, or person has been released.

They rarely disappoint; some even verge on brilliance. These are our favorites.

Absolutely stunning. Not only in terms of animation but in capturing her some 7 decades of modern dance history in 15 seconds.

Ancient history, exotic antiquities, the sense of adventure. You can’t help but search the image for other hidden gems.

Unique in it’s direct message; powerful in it’s simplicity; when Google joined the anti-SOPA protest it rallied more than a few to the cause.

Alisha is no stranger to Mr. Van Der Rohe’s work; his contributions as one of the pioneers of modern architecture is as much an inspiration as his ideal that “Less is More.”

Not surprisingly, Nathanael spent quite a bit longer experimenting with the clickable synthesizer than any of us did. It is fun, though.
The Horse in Motion is a composition immediately recognized by all who have ever studied photography & film. Google’s adaptation of it is an incredible tributary piece of interactive art.

What has been your favorite Google design? Comment below and share it with us!

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