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Press Play: Pre-Mix

Songs characterize seasons —- Press Play and the mood shifts into one appropriate to the weather, the scene, the setting.

Portland is fortunate in it’s proximity to other environments, with the Painted Hills just to the east and the Oregon Coast not two hours to the west.

A cultural melting pot of things past, present, and future, it’s also a hub for used record stores. Prime places to lose yourself for a few hours.

Below are a mix of old classics and new favorites; for that neon-lit night out on the town, a day spent road tripping somewhere new, or a crisp morning spent with good coffee and great company.

They’re the songs we love to love this summer.

  1. Sunshine - Matt Costna
  2. Lost in the World - Kanye West
  3. Drops of Jupiter - Train
  4. Daylight - Matt & Kim
  5. Something to Believe In - Newsies Original Broadway Cast Recording
  6. Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl) - Looking Glass
  7. Good Time - Owl City
  8. National Anthem - Lana Del Rey
  9. Too Close - Alex Clare
  10. Scarlett (Tokyo) - William Beckett
  11. Swells - Jonquil
  12. Right In - Skrillex

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The 84th Academy Awards

“Life. Camera. Action.”

In honor of the 2012 Academy Awards, we managed to collectively watch every film nominated for Best Picture.

“I think it was a year of movies where most of the components were really good, but there was one that didn’t live up to the rest, so you’re just left not satisfied.” ~Alisha Noles, Production Designer

These mini reviews explore the aspects that we know best, be it the acting, directing, design, or music.

Check out our most recent posts below and prepare for February 26th!

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Re-Introducing Bon Iver!

Bon Iver has been around for a while; since 2007 he’s been considered an “underground” artist. So it’s ironic and appropriate that he win a Grammy for “Best New Artist”.

(Click the picture above to check out Bon Iver’s new album)

A couple of years back, a friend asked our music man Nathanael Sams whether he had heard the folk rock riffs of “Bon Iver”: he hadn’t.

Well, he had – he just hadn’t known it. Four singles of the alternative artist had been featured on the popular show “Chuck”.

So really, Bon Iver isn’t a “new artist”, rather a newly appreciated one.

Heavy folk guitars, string arrangements, saxophones, kick drums, and reverberated vocals channel a sound reminiscent of Mumford & Sons, with a little mandolin in between.

If you’re unsure whether or not you’ll enjoy his new album, a good test would be to watch the movie Once. If you enjoy the soundtrack in that film, you’re pretty much guaranteed to love Bon Iver’s new album…Bon Iver.

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Questions, Anyone?

We’re asking you.

What do you want to know? We’re giving you free reign to put Gradient under the microscope and ask the questions you want answers to.

As our blog approaches it’s 1 Year mark, we figure there has to be something you’ve been wondering about. 

It can be about anything really; is there a project you’d like to know more about? Is there a story you’d like more detail on? Ask away!

Our Featured Favorite Flicks require a certain amount of creativity and work to find and share. But there are many videos out there we haven’t seen that, maybe, you have! Tell us about them. Recommend them to us, and we’ll mention how it was you who did so.

We write this blog for you, our audience, to offer a window into our company that you might not see otherwise. We love writing about our latest projects, going-on’s, and about our creative process. If there’s something you’d like us to write about or explore further, say so! 

It doesn’t hurt to ask, so don’t be shy.

We do what we do because we love it, and that includes having you be part of the adventure. 

With love, Gradient.

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